As subtle as a flying brick.

‘Heroes’ season four trailer: ‘Redemption’

Here’s your first look at “Heroes” season four. This three-minute-plus trailer is slightly different than the version that screened at the “Heroes” Comic-Con panel on Saturday. The preview has scenes from the premiere and the next couple additional episodes. A character or two looks like they’re getting killed, so I’m tempted to shout “spoiler,” but, hey, it’s “Heroes,” right?

You’ll also see scenes of the dark carnival that’s gathering up heroes for some nefarious purpose and um … hmm … what else? Oh, yes: You meet Hayden Panettiere’s new lesbian love interest that producers doubtless hope will boost ratings. NBC cut their kiss that was in the Comic-Con edition of this trailer, guess they didn’t want to just give that away online. Snog the cheerleader, save the show?

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