As subtle as a flying brick.

David’s Tea Advent Calendar – Day 12 – Forever Nuts

I’m really liking these teas that smell like Christmas baking. Today’s tea is Forever Nuts. The first thing that hits you with this tea is the smell when you open the tin. It smells all nutty and spicy. Then, when you brew it, it’s a surprising bright pink, like pink lemonade. It’s an odd combination, the color and the taste. It’s all bright and fruity looking, but it tastes like it smells, like warm nutty baking.

I give Forever Nuts a 4 out of 5.

Just a note, I’m coming down with a cold or flu as of today, and I’m hoping it won’t affect my taste, but I’m sure it will. :(. I’m glad that I do have some of David’s Cold 911 at home. I highly recommend it!


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