As subtle as a flying brick.

I was glad today’s tea is Glitter & Gold, another long time fan-favourite that I haven’t yet tried. I could stop this post right here and give this tea 5 stars, just on the basis that it GLITTERS!!! It was love at first brew when the gold started swirling and sparkling in my cup. <3.

But, I have to calm down and give this tea my serious evaluation. :). It's got an orange pekoe kind of bland smell, meh. The taste isn't bad though. It's got a bit of sweet to it, I think without that the tea would be a bit bitter, but that sweetness makes it yum. I forgot about the half mug I had left on my desk while I worked away at an important project on my computer, and when I went back to it it was cold. So I can also say that this…

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