As subtle as a flying brick.

Cream of Earl Grey is a completely new tea experience for me. Growing up, I my Mom only drank orange pekoe tea (Red Rose, available only in Canada!). I had no idea any other type of tea existed. As I got older, and my sheltered world expanded a bit, I discovered. A few other types of tea, like green and chamomile. Then the tea movement happened, and kaboom! There were hundreds of types of tea everywhere. I tried a wide range of tropical, fruity, interesting teas. Because of the exciting teas, I never gave traditional teas a second look. I just figure they’re all blah like orange pekoe, and haven’t bothered. Until today, with my Cream of Earl Grey.

It does have a traditional tea taste, which isn’t really, pardon my pun, my cup of tea. I picture the Queen drinking this tea. With that being said, I can appreciate…

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