As subtle as a flying brick.

Who wants a fish-fingers and Custard Smoothie?

By Fraser McAlpine | Posted on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


The Eleventh Doctor enjoys some fish fingers and custard with the young Amy Pond.

If you want to be properly grossed-out, the folks from YouTube’s Dude, Where’s My Challenge? have done a spin on the Eleventh Doctor’s signature dish, fish fingers and custard. And when we say “spin,” we mean that quite literally. Watch as this poor lad tries to down a fish finger and custard smoothie. Not quite what the Doctor ordered.

Here’s what else is going on in time and space this week:

• Well the big news of the day is that the first episode of Series 7 has been announced, and after weeks of hints and sneaky pics of various bits of Dalek anatomy, the official Doctor Who blog has revealed it will be called Asylum of the Daleks, and will indeed feature every kind of Dalek that the Doctor has ever faced, including the Special Weapons Dalek (bigger gun, no sink plunger).

• Speaking of the stalk-eyed menaces, who wants to see a video guide to painting your nails as if they are Daleks? I thought as much:

• And here’s an informative clip which shows how Dalek weaponry has improved over the last 49 years, thanks to YouTubers DalekHighCouncil for making it:

• Five monsters — a Cyberman, a Ood, a Silent, a Scarecrow, and a Dalek — escaped from the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff last week, and it was all caught on camera.

• The saddest news of the week was the death of Caroline John, who played the Third Doctor’s companion Liz Shaw, and more than held her own against a particularly pompous Time Lord incarnation.

YouTube’s BabelColour has done a lovely tribute to Caroline John, set to Sacred Miracle Cave‘s elegiac “The Ghost of Elizabeth Shaw”:

• This week’s Rogues Gallery rogues are the Krotons, organic robots, grown in a vat, and enemies of the Second Doctor.

• We also pulled together a collection of David Tennant’s work leading up toDoctor Who, and then realized we had so many clips we had to make a second blog of his post-TARDIS work. Busy boy…

• Who wants to see an alternative retelling of the Doctor Who history, with special focus on libraries and how they impact on the story? That’s right, YOU DO! (Seriously, you do, and hats off to the Boolean Berry: Adventures In Librarianship blog for writing it).

• Oh and hats are also off to Shortlist, for putting together a series of Doctor Who posters, made for the love of the making, on the internet. Here’s our fave, made by

• Finally, VERITASERUMUK has done a brilliant four-minute super-trailer for the entirety of modern Who, spanning from Series 1 with Christopher Eccleston to today:

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