As subtle as a flying brick.

This Pizza Has a Crust Made Out of Cheeseburgers

You know how you’re shoveling down your daily/hourly meat-lovers pizza (with the optional extra meat, and extra cheese) and you suddenly think to yourself, “man, if only the crust was made of cheeseburgers”?

Introducing the Cheese Burger Pizza from Pizza Hut Middle East: A cheesy, burgery pizza pie “Pizza like substance” with a crust made entirely out of open-faced sliders.

On a diet? Check out the Chicken Fillet Pizza: A BBQ chicken pizza topped with green peppers, and crusted with mini chicken fillets.

There’s something for every future coronary artery bypass graft recipient at the Crown Crust Carnival.

Not since the KFC Double Down, have my arteries shuddered so much just at the mere thought of ingestion.

This leaves me with one simple question:



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