As subtle as a flying brick.

Hero Training Workouts

Are you fit enough to chase down a purse snatcher, lift and carry someone to safety, or leap across rooftops? Training to develop these sorts of heroic skills can build some fun into your fitness routine and also keep you motivated.

The first in this hero training series from blog Art of Manliness is designed to help you build explosive speed and endurance. The exercises in the series are pretty intensive and challenging, both physically and mentally. But even if you’re not an exercise buff (or care about being manly), they’re full workouts that you might be able to adapt to your personal fitness abilities.

And, as an added bonus, you might be able to save someone some day. Other workouts include: The Pulling to Safety Workout, The Carry a Person to Safety Workout, The Lift an Object Off Someone in Distress Workout, and The Leaping Ability Workout.

Hero Training: The Chase Down a Purse Snatcher Workout | The Art of Manliness

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