As subtle as a flying brick.

Number 49: When Cash was 5 years old, his dad shot his dog for eating the table scraps meant for the hogs.

In honor of what would have been the Man in Black’s 78th birthday on February 26, Flavorwire presents 78 Things You [Probably —Ed.] Didn’t Know About Johnny Cash. Number 14: During his act in the 1950s, Cash flaunted a killer Elvis impersonation. Number 36: An ostrich attack in 1983 left Cash with five broken ribs and internal bleeding.

Perhaps the attack was about Cash’s response to being sued for (Number 32) a forest fire he started in Los Padres National Wildlife Refuge, which (Number 33) killed all but 9 of the endangered condors at the refuge. When questioned about the birds at the deposition, Cash replied: “I don’t give a damn about your yellow buzzards.”

Some of the items on the list aren’t terribly surprising or new, but the few that are are worth it. (Number 64, for example.)

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