As subtle as a flying brick.

The Avatar Porn [NSFW]

People are obsessed with how the Na’Vi people do it.

Alright now, do we all have this blue people having sex with each other fetish finally out of our systems? No, probably not. Until the Hustler Avatar porn DVD release, then.

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If you like animations and games and have never been to Newgrounds before; check it out! It’s a lot better than Youtube, because unlike youtube, not every other video is some androgynous loser regurgitating celebrity news into a webcam. Bitter much Harry?

I wanted to make this due to the fact it bugged me in the movie that Jake managed to nail Neytiri with little to no knowledge of Na’vi mating practices. I mean, I’m assuming it’s pretty similar, but considering they have magic hair veins that connect with nature, there’s obviously some pretty big anatomical differences…

Wow, there’s people starving in Ireland and it’s stuff like THAT which keeps me up at night.

If you’re curious as to what I thought of the movie, I thought it was okay. Same old “white guilt” story we’ve seen before but the effects made it a pretty thrilling moviegoing experience. It’s no Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen though…

This marks my first animation of 2010, a year which I am determined to make my busiest. I want to upload every month or more if I can, so expect much.

Love to all


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