As subtle as a flying brick.

Top 10 hottest boob flexing videos!

Just when you think you know everything about boobs, they always seem to do something new to amaze us. For example, I recently found out that A-cup boobs only weigh a quarter pound; a B, about half a pound; a C, three-quarters of a pound; and a D, around one pound. I also found out that the left boob is typically bigger than the right boob which is great for me because I’m left-handed.

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#10 The Hooters Shimmy – All female waitresses please pay attention to this video. This is how you get tipped more than 15%.

#9 Girl Shows Off Her “Flex Action” – And the surprising thing is she never went to college.

#8 Blonde MILF Does A Two-Minute Boob Workout – Imagine the breast feeding pranks she got to play on her kids.

#7 Sing Along With The Magical Moving Boobs – I’m sorry, what were you just saying?

#6 ECW’s Elektra Flexes Her Boob Muscles – The boob flex is by far the most intimidating move in all of wrestling.

#5 Body Builder Flexes Her Pecs – This is the only time I believe it is acceptable to look at female bodybuilder boobies.

#4 Debbie Dunning Flexes Her Hooters On Home Improvement – On Debbie’s buisness card, it probably says “Professional Boobs Displayer.”

#3 Humongous Boobs On A String – This makes me wonder why nobody has invented a remote control that can move boobs around.

#2 Flexing Boobs With Bows On Them Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving – Yes it’s true, this girl has never paid for a drink in her entire life.

#1 Auto Show Model Revs Her Boob Engines – Unfortunately her boobs on get fifteen miles per gallon.

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