As subtle as a flying brick.

Sex Advice From Dungeons & Dragons Players

Nerve is running “Sex Advice From Dungeons & Dragons Players,” answering questions about RPGs, role-playing, and finding mating opportunities among the nerdy. It’s a delight.

Sex Advice from dungeons and dragons

What’s the best way to pick up a D&D player?

If you’re a geek and you see a girl geek browsing the comic books and players’ manuals, don’t make assumptions. Nothing irritates me more than having someone tell me what I’m holding. I know what I’m holding. Aside from the fact that I came in here specifically looking for it, I CAN READ. Instead, try a trivia tidbit or a commentary on the quality/author/whatever. Your goal is to sound interested, not condescending. For the non-geek, we’re really not that strange and different, but we tend to be a little defensive. Be willing to listen, stumble through some conversation you don’t have the lingo for. Don’t mock. Unless your romantic candidate starts talking about their characters in detail. No one finds that interesting. Really. Get out while you still can.

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