As subtle as a flying brick.

10 Pranks To Play At Wal-Mart

1. Say Something On The Intercom

Intercoms can be found throughout most Walmarts. When you find one, walk by it a few times to figure out which button to press. Say whatever you want. Have a look out.

2. Hide A Friend On The Shelves

Clear off a shelf. Stick someone on it and wait for someone to check out the goods.

3. Fart

Farts are always funny. Walk around the store and fart. See how people react. Film it. Note: This video is at Target, but this prank will work well at Walmart too.

4. Use The CD Players

Record yourself saying inappropriate things on a blank CD. Use the CD players in the electronics department to play it. For a bigger reaction look for small children and old people. Mother’s too.

5. Get An Employee To Say Something Over The Intercom

Go to customer service and pretend like your friend is missing. Give them a funny name, like Mike Hunt. Laugh later.

6. Set Off The Alarms

Use the magnetic bar code found on most merchandise and put it under shopping carts/stick it to your friend. Watch this video to learn how. It’s easy.

7. Collapse

Pretend to be hurt for a short period of time. Fall down and have someone help you up. Try to get something for free.

8. Dance

Do a funny dance. The “Stanky Leg” is funny. Watch and learn.

9. Return Something You Didn’t Buy There

This one’s really easy. Try to return something you know they won’t accept back. It’d probably be wisest to go an older employee for this one.

10. Drop Your Food

Find something filled with liquid. Walk around the store and slip. Drop it and watch it explode.

Note: I don’t recommend this unless you actually purchase the product. I also don’t believe in wasting food. And if you’ve made it this far into the list, I don’t actually recommend any of these pranks (except the intercom ones – I love those). I also feel it necessary to point out that both #7 and #9 may constitute fraud, and therefore may be illegal in your state/province

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