As subtle as a flying brick.

The Back to the Future Timeline (Of Questionable Decisions)

Back to the Future is a story of time travel, moral lessons and a dangerous lunatic who nearly destroys the universe on three separate occasions and nearly kills the underage boy he hangs around with on at least five others.

simplified timeline 5

Just The Facts

  1. In the first movie, Doc Brown makes a huge deal out of the sanctity of time and the terrible risks of future information. He then spends the next thirty years building a time machine.
  2. Doc suffers the same genetic disorder as real-life Michael J Fox, making him look exactly the same no matter how old he gets.
  3. In the third movie he builds a magical steam powered Happy-Ending-Mo-Bile.

Doc Brown: Evil Lunatic

Doc Brown first tested his time machine on his own dog and was visibly surprised when it actually survived.  Other highlights include nearly running himself over by remote control, using a date-rape machine on Marty’s girlfriend and accidentally creating an entire dimension of hell.

This is why he was controversially cast as Commander Kruge in Star Trek 3. While most were baffled at the choice of a comedic actor, director Leonard Nimoy recognized an actor who could portray destroying an entire world without giving a rat’s ass.


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