As subtle as a flying brick.

Dear Mr. Bill Gates..

I love Microsoft Network Layouts… this is me fixing one when Simcha decided to upgrade our PDC from nt4 to Win2k Adv Server.. with 0 planning.. using a p133 with a 2 gig hard drive as the Primary server in the Active Directory setup.

Of course he did this one a Friday afternoon without permission or asking anybody.. needless to say, it didn’t go well, and for the next year i spent a fair bit of time hunting out problems caused by it. You have NO idea how deeply MSSQL depends on domain auth, until its gone.

Oh, and the best part is, about 12 hours into it, the poor lil baby got tired and went home to “smoke”. This picture was taken at the 72 hour mark. I pulled 120 hours straight before colapsing after having 90% of it fixed.

Uploaded by on 23 Apr 05, 11.04PM ADT.

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