As subtle as a flying brick.

am hatchink fiendish plan to catch moose and squirrel

Interested in Soviet era spying by the KGB in the United States? Bummed
that you cant get into the KGB archives? Well it turns out that someone copied all the good stuff already, and you can take a peek.
Alexander Vassiliev was a KGB officer who turned to journalism in 1990.
From 1993-96 he had access to the KGB archives for the 1930s to early
1950s to write notes for a book project on Soviet spying in the Stalin
era. His original notebooks – including extensive verbatim
transcriptions – were left behind in Moscow when he moved to London but
smuggled out via an elaborate plan.

There are eight notebooks, on the Cold War International History site
there are scans, transliterations and translations of each notebook,
free for nothing. Vassilev assisted in the transcriptions and

The whole story is in Alexander Vassiliev’s Notebooks: Provenance and Documentation of Soviet Intelligence Activities in the United States
(pdf). “Since the KGB’s archives remain closed, Vassiliev’s notebooks
are as close as we are likely to get to the actual documents for many
years, likely decades”

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