As subtle as a flying brick.

He likes to be called Hef.

So one of your resolutions was about your lifelong dream of getting into Playboy? Here’s an article
that has all the details you don’t normally hear about.
“Hef is like any normal hot-blooded American who likes pretty ladies:
He took a wife or two, has four kids, and lives in a Tudor-style
mansion with luscious lawns and a personal zoo. Sounds like any old
family man, right?”

Here’s a How-To:

1. Be a Busty Blonde
2. Be Legal (Barely)
3 – 7. Nudity and Sex! (Lots of Sex)
8. Keep to the Right (If Your Name Is Kendra)
9 & 10. ??? (and Sex)
11. Profit!!! ( link, otherwise OK)

Or if you have your sights set higher it appears there’s an opening, or two, in the harem!

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