As subtle as a flying brick.

I’m not cheap, I swear.

[14:27] Jenn Klem: i wonder when our welfare check will get here dammit
[14:28] Robert: uh
[14:28] Robert: welfare wtf?
[14:28] Jenn Klem: ya, our welfare check. would have been nice to have it before xmas
[14:28] Robert: o k
[14:29] Jenn Klem: what date do they come out?
[14:31] Robert: dude, wtf are you on?
[14:31] Jenn Klem: what?
[14:31] Robert: well, other then we’re not on welfare
[14:31] Jenn Klem: we’re not?
[14:31] Robert: so this means that either deedee’s there and this is her
[14:31] Robert: or youre on drugs
[14:32] Jenn Klem: oh, my bad. I thought since you keep buying FUCKING WELFARE TOILET PAPER, we must be on welfare
[14:32] Jenn Klem: holy hell Rob. I’m sick and tired of wiping my ass with effen thin sandpaper
[14:33] Jenn Klem:
fucking at least buy magesta. I mean, its no cottonelle, but hell, at least it’s soft and a little thick

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