As subtle as a flying brick.

Stargate Worlds: Closed Beta Invite



You have been selected to join us in closed beta! Your recent
participation in our Friends and Family stress test has earned you a
spot in our next phase of development. We would like you to try
Stargate Worlds again and see all the new content that you did not see
in the Friends and Family phase. Please return to us and be active in
our beta community once more. You will see a lot of changes within
Stargate Worlds over the next months. We hope that you will continue to
be active in our community and further experience and explore Stargate

Closed beta is a significant release of content
into Stargate Worlds. You can now play as a member of the Stargate
Union and travel to many new worlds. This is the start of closed beta,
therefore new content will constantly be updated. We will be providing
you with information about upcoming patches, as well as Event Night
information. Check the beta forums and your e-mail often!

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