As subtle as a flying brick.

Black Blizzard

The History Channel just aired a 2-hour program about the Dust Bowl in the 1930s in the central United States called Black Blizzard
What struck me most during the program was the description of a series
of massive storms that hit on April 14th, 1935 known as “Black
Sunday”.  The History Channel had computer recreations of what this
looked like.  Here is an image from the show (and the History Channel
website) showing one of the storms approaching.  Inside the car are a
reporter and photographer who, after stopping and taking pictures of
the approaching storm, are trying to outrun the storm.

During the show they also showed several real photographs of the storms of Black Sunday and doing a quick search on Wikipedia produced one spectacular photograph of a storm as it approached Spearman, Texas:

Here is another photograph of a storm as it approaches Stratford,
Texas.  This photo is perhaps even better than the one above as the
buildings are closer to the camera and give a better scale to the size
of the storm:

According to Rogers ‘s listing there is another showing of this
program on 10/25. It is definitely worth
watching. *cough* torrent *cough*

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