As subtle as a flying brick.

Imagine being excited about a Paul McCartney album

Paul is NOT dead.
Paul goes into the studio, alone, no songs prepared at all. Thirteen
songs in thirteen days — one each day — Paul playing every
instrument, writing lyrics on the fly, ripping a line from a poem, the
next spontaneous, off the cuff, really gutsy. The album, Electric Arguments, to be released next month.

Maybe getting fleeced in a public and nasty divorce was the best thing
to happen to this man. I’ve not liked much if anything I’ve heard since
he split from Lennon, but I damn sure love this
single — “Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight” – it’s ragged and rugged, the thing bleeds and howls and moans. I think I’m gonna buy the album — Electric Arguments — as soon as it’s out.

Free download of Nothing Too Much Out of Sight here.

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