As subtle as a flying brick.

Script-Doctorin’ the TARDIS

As of 2010 Steven Moffat will be replacing Russell T. Davies as lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who. In 2005 Davies revived the series, which had been dormant (bar the odd US co-production or audiodrama) since 1989, for BBC Wales. It won awards and was successful enough to spawn the spin-offs Sarah Jane Adventures and the popular-in-America Torchwood. He is replaced by Moffat, one of the regular writers on the show, whose highly acclaimed episodes have won a number of awards and nominations.
“I applied before but I got knocked back ‘cos the BBC wanted someone
else. Also I was seven. Anyway, I’m glad the BBC has finally seen the
light and it’s a huge honour to be following Russell into the best –
and the toughest – job in television. I say toughest ‘cos Russell’s at
my window right now, pointing and laughing.”

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