As subtle as a flying brick.

Comcast tech calls grandpa a crook and disconnects him

A Comcast tech showed up at a Consumerist reader’s grandad’s house and
totally failed to understand how their cable was set up and billed. So
he called them thieves, cursed at them, and disconnected their cable.

I come outside to witness my grandpa and the Comcast guy in a screaming
match. The Comcast tech is threatening to leave and I ask “What the
heck is going on?!” Well, my Grandpa starts telling me that he
disconnected his cable and says we do not have a cable account with
Comcast and basically accuses my Grandpa of hijacking cable. Okay, last
time I checked, most 74 years old probably don’t know how to hijack
cable. So my Grandpa gets really upset and starts back for the house.
I’m trying to find out from the Comcast tech what is going on and my
Grandpa comes back out 2 seconds later with a Comcast bill in his hand.
He goes to hand it to the Comcast tech and he rudely replies “Sir, I
don’t want to see your fucking bill. If you don’t go back in your house
and quit disrespecting me, I’m going to just leave.”

Meanwhile, I ask my Grandpa to try and let me straighten it out and
go inside for a minute because I could tell at this point he was
getting really upset. So I continue to ask the guy what the hell is
going on all the while he is telling me he isn’t going back in the
house to hook up my internet because he doesn’t appreciate my Grandpa
“disrespecting him”. Well, from what I saw, my Grandpa didn’t really
deserve to get his cable turned off and treated in such a way. I
finally talk him into hooking up the internet (I needed it for school
as my homework is submitted online). But the issue still remains with
my Grandpa’s service. So I ask the tech why he thinks we don’t have
cable. He replies “When I look up the phone number on the account, it
only shows internet, no cable television. That’s a red flag mam.”

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