As subtle as a flying brick.

Elephant Polo and other strange things

Elephant Polo.
Alf Leif Erickson is the Captain of the American Screw Tuskers Elephant
Polo team . Alf is a retired attorney and former law professor from
Florida. This alone doesn’t make much of a post, but, you guessed it,
there more, sometimes NSFW, inside…..
It seems that Alf retired to Bangkok and maintains a site called “Alf’s Balloons”, with a focus on, well, balloons, and of course corkscrews, and elephant polo.

Alf’s elephant polo team seems to consist entirely of transexuals (the riders, that is, not the elephants).

Don’t let the somewhat odd nature of the polo team throw you, because
it doesn’t really get strange (and, by the way, NSFW) until you begin
to explore the inner workings of Alf’s PatPong Corkscrew Club. This is no casual club, annual meetings are held, and the club, like, I assume, all corkscrew clubs, of course, its own balloon and meetings where the members sit naked on Alf’s lap.

Spend some time exploring Alf’s world.

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