As subtle as a flying brick.

Multilingual malware writers in hot demand

Security researchers are noticing an uptick in help-wanted ads for malware programmers who can write grammatically in many languages so that they can help send out targeted, plausible spam:

Advertisements for virus authors fluent in languages from Japanese to Portuguese are increasingly showing up online. Such recruiting efforts are finding traction thanks partly to the economic conditions in nations like China and Russia. Both countries have a surplus of skilled coders who lack regular work, or possibly any work at all. Laws against cybercrime are also more lax in these and other developing nations… If you’re going to host malicious servers in another country, it only makes sense to offer its citizens the gifts of herbal enhancements and Nigerian banking deals that make the rest of us so happy–but if you’re going to bring such presents to another nation, you have to know the local language. The Russian Mafia’s interest in cybercrime is also reportedly growing–a fact that could have significant repercussions for the future of malware business on a global scale.

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