As subtle as a flying brick.

New Jersey to block sex offenders from internet, computer use

A new law in New Jersey gives authorities the right to take away computer and internet access from convicted sex offenders, regardless of whether computers or the internet played a role in their crime. Snip from Ars Technica:

According to one of the law’s backers, state Senator John Girgenti, the law makes it easier for sex offenders to stay on the straight and narrow, “reducing the risk of them being tempted to be a repeat offender.”

Bill S1979 gives the state broad authority to regulate a sex offender’s computer and Internet usage so long as the person remains on parole. And the law is tough: anyone who uses a computer to help commit sex crimes will be prohibited from using computers or the Internet at all. The State Parole Board may also impose restrictions at its discretion on offenders even if they did not use computers to plan their crimes.

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