As subtle as a flying brick.

Gissa job la? Go on, I can do that. Gissa job?

During the latter half of the twentieth century, Liverpool writers made
an enormous contribution to television drama. Writers like Willy Russell and Jimmy McGovern have been hugely influential. But the daddy of them all was unarguably Alan Bleasdale,
whose television dramas dominated our screens during the latter half of
the 20th century in a manner that was unmatched by anybody besides the
late Dennis Potter.

Though many of his television dramas were to win praise and awards, it was his two series, Boys from the Blackstuff, an examination of the lot of the Liverpudlian working class under Thatcherism, and GBH, which turned his gaze onto the local political scene — then dominated by the Trotskyite Militant Tendency
— that really cemented his reputation as one of the top three British
television dramatists of the second half of the twentieth century.

Now you can find large parts of both Boys from the Blackstuff and GBH on YouTube.

Quality viewing for Telly Friday.

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