As subtle as a flying brick.

Gordie Howe maliciously harassed by Neighbors

Wow, there’s some creepy ass stuff going on with Gordie Howe

He’s spent much of his life in the public eye, this icon. But at nearly 80, Mr. Hockey is just Citizen Howe these days, surely entitled to a little peace and privacy. His life now is mostly about tending to an ailing wife, Colleen, who daily slips further into the clutches of dementia, caused by Pick’s Disease…….  
“My dad never minded having his picture taken,” says Mark Howe, standing just outside his father’s front door. “But 17,000 pictures in one day is a bit much.”…..  
It is a kind of peeping molestation…..  
Which is, of course, precisely what Lionel and Karen Dorfman had been doing, obsessively and intrusively, until just last Tuesday, training their various web cams at the house across the street – Gordie Howe’s house.  

Non-Hockey fans might remember him from The Simpsons  

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