As subtle as a flying brick.

Here Chicken Chicken Chicken !

So I love my diet, it allows to eat all this food that I love, and still loose weight. It rocks I’m at my desired weight now, after gaining some musscle weight back, 193.
I just ate a chicken, I love chicken. Jenn was all blown away the first time she saw me eat a full chicken one day, since then its still been pretty amusing to her. Funny thing is, when it comes to other fods that aren’t on my diet, like chinese food, I can’t much of them without getting full.
We went to Chan’s house here in Moncton a while back, for Jenns sisters birthday. It’s a buffet, and I’ve been asked to leave certain buffets for abusing the system and eating way more then they had budgeted for a single person. (without gaining weight at the time either). But yeah, I ate 3 plates at chans house, and I was stuffed… I used to be able to eat 10-15 plates without a problem. So that’s good, keeps me from eating that bad stuff. I’m just not hungry for it. The only thing I miss is Sugar. Mmm Sugar.
It’s nice to be loosing weight, who ever said us Nice Guys didn’t win? Sheit. Oh wait, i’m a badass, forgot about that.

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