As subtle as a flying brick.


It’s been a while since I dropped a real post, so today’s ‘real post’ day.
Work’s going well, being given more and more responsibility each day, which is totally cool with me. I’m a little more tired lately then usual, been hitting the sack a lot later then usual, I blame Jenn, heh.
Getting some work done on the car next week, getting the head gasket changed, and the thermostat fixed, maybe a couple of other minor things, but probally gonna just stick with those two for now.
Getting a haircut finally, hah, I should really stop getting a only haircut 2-3 times a year, I should jack it up to perhaps 4.. hah. I’m all shaggy, it’s fugly looking.
Finished working on the case last night, all I need now is the fanbus, and I’m done. Time to ebay it up I say.
McDonald’s can still eat a dick, you bunch of ignorant fucks. I swear to fuck, I am never going back to that place again. Burger King has awesome Veggie Burgers, that are actually healthy (sorta).
Oh, and with Chili Night at the Firlotte house this week, I should start training my poker face. Paul’s chili isnt really chili… it’s demonic blood that oozed up from beneth his house through a crack caused by that damn sub. He’s making 2 batchs apparently, one for the normals, and one for him/dave/other insane people. I plan on mixing the two together and seeing if I can take it.
Oh, and Marty, you’re a fucking moron

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  1. spunchick

    Rob, if I didn’t know you better, I would think you were a little bitter of the whole mcdonald’s incident.

    January 13, 2004 at 10:35 am

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