As subtle as a flying brick.

Jackass 2.5 to be released online first

Sequel to the two-time box office hit, Jackass 2.5, will skip multiplexes entirely
and be distributed online first. Perhaps this will herald a new age of online-first movie distribution?

Please pardon the dust, but, as you can see, is indeed
open during construction. This is where you will eventually be able to
come and, not only find all of your Jackass needs, but a lot of new
stuff as well. “Growing the brand,” was, I think, the phrase they used?
So, while there will be no shortage of dudes kicking each other in the
balls just like in the old days, we’ve got a whole butt load of new
shit planned for your face on this site in the near future. But this
is-and this is what they told us-only the “soft launch.” (Yeah, we kind
of giggled when they said that too.)

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